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The Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad, is organizing its first Industry-Academy Forum on November 29, 2022

The purpose of this event goes beyond the framework of previous, similar events and focuses on strengthening cooperation between companies that gravitate and need personnel who are educated and trained at the FTS in Novi Sad. The Faculty of Technical Sciences is a leader in education, science, and cooperation with the economy with over 16,500 students, 13 departments, and more than 90 study programs.

The Chair of Production Systems, Organization, and Management, recognizing the needs of the market for the knowledge and skills that are developed in the Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management study programs, launched an initiative to start a dialogue between representatives of eminent companies and faculties, with the aim of educating future engineers who meet the needs industry.

In cooperation with the Science & Technology Park in Novi Sad, FTS invites you to participate in the Industry-Academy Forum with the theme: Upskilling for Industry 5.0 and contribute to the development of knowledge and skills of future engineers. The Forum will be attended by representatives of companies, professors, and students.

We invite you to participate in the Forum’s panels, which aim to improve cooperation between industry and academy in terms of joint industrial, scientific, and research projects in the field of smart manufacturing. Together with our partners, we will do our best to promote this event in all relevant electronic and print media.

Due to the limited capacity of the hall of 220 seats, please inform us about your participation in the Industry-Academy Forum at the official forum email: or fill in the registration form on our website. Participation in the forum is free. The registration is open until November 25th, 2022.

If you want to be in the company of the best and become a partner of the Industry-Academy Forum, we offer you special benefits in the form of presenting your company at our event.