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Violeta Jovanovic, Executive Director, NALED, Serbia

Since 1998, she has been building expertise in the field of local development as an expert and team leader on USAID programs in Serbia and the region, through designing, advocating, and implementing development projects worth over 10 million dollars. As the first employee of NALED, in the position of executive director since July 2007, she initiates the independence and construction of a membership organization that later grows into the largest public-private association aimed at building an environment for business in Southeast Europe. By profession, she has a degree in philology, and she obtained additional education in the field of economics and project management at specialized training and study programs in the USA and Europe. She is engaged as a motivational speaker and moderator at expert meetings on the topic of female entrepreneurship and leadership in the country and abroad. She has international experience as a consultant in the field of standardization and intellectual property protection. Violeta is a member of the Regional Council as the umbrella body of the Network for a Favorable Business Environment, which brings together state institutions and sector organizations from Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, and Montenegro to institutionalize mechanisms for cooperation and strengthening the competitiveness of the region. She actively contributes to the preservation of Serbia’s cultural heritage and the economic empowerment of women through the role of president of the Ethno Network.