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Oliver Lepori, Executive Director, Japanese Business Alliance in Serbia

Oliver started his career in managerial positions in an international business environment, where he was in charge of transformation, business development, and building relations with key stakeholders. During his work, he gained extensive knowledge of the market and business environment, including regulatory frameworks for various industries applied in the EU, Balkans, and the Republic of Serbia. The results of his management of institutions focusing on bilateral cooperation, or his engagement with foreign groups, are foreign trade development and the expansion of the influence of a large number of companies from Serbia or West Europe into their target markets. He initiated numerous projects implemented in our country through the EU and other sources of funding, which have improved the capacities of companies and institutions in Serbia to a significant degree. During his work, he also managed production processes and proved successful in business transformation and team management. An admirer of Japanese culture, Oliver has a wide range of interests – from sports and literature to innovation and the application of cutting-edge technology.